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                          "Innovation in Fire Suppression"
Since 2012

Flame Guard USA only offers fire suppression solutions that are proven efficient, innovative and friendly to our environment . We design, manufacture and distribute some of the World's Finest Fire Suppression and Fire Prevention Solutions. 

Our Products have worked in your neighborhood and side by side with your Firefighters and First Responders for over 10 years protecting what is important from disaster! 

The X-Tinguish® X-Treme

"Pull the Pin and throw it in©!!"
Reduce the temperature by 1,000°F in 60 seconds!!

The X-Tinguish X-treme.
X-Tinguish X-Treme Fire Suppression Tooland Happy Clients

The X-Tinguish® X-Treme is designed for mobile total flooding fire suppression applications on land and sea. 

Used by literally thousands of fire departments, first responders in a multitude of industries, all branches of the US Armed Forces around the globe, the X-Tinguish® X-Treme is the next step toward perfection in a Mobile Aerosol Fire Suppression Tool!


The X-Tinguish® X-Treme is a highly effective tool for the suppression of early stage and fully developed fires; preventing flash-over and back-draft. The unit can protect a space up to 5,300Cu.ft and remove up to 1,000°F of heat in 60 seconds or less.  The X-Tinguish® X-Treme offers 6.5lbs of condensed aerosol per unit to combat fires compared to 1.1lbs.(500g) or 3.9lbs(1.8kg.) for competitive products. 

X-Tinguish ® Aerosol is effective against the following class fires:
Class A Fire


Common combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth, rubber, trash and plastics.

Class B Fire


Flammable liquids, solvents, oil, gasoline, paints, lacquers and other oil-based products.

Class C Fire


Energized electrical equipment such as wiring, controls, motors, machinery, or appliances.


  • Offers extraordinary knock down as well as fast fire suppression capabilities
    •    Reduces temperatures by as much as 1,000°F in less than 60 seconds
    •    Can cut water usage by as much as 80%, when used properly
    •    Environmentally friendly  (ODP  0%, GWP  0%)
    •    Does not reduce or deplete (O²) oxygen
    •    Can eliminate flashover and backdraft
    •    Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Conductive
    •    Highly Efficient and Suitable against A-B-C class fires
    •    Not pressurized!
    •    NEW 10-year battery 
    •    Includes LED activation light
    •    Includes FREE storage case with custom foam.


X-Tinguish® Fire Suppression Systems for most industries!

X-Tinguish® Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems for engine compartments, cabinets / enclosures, Gensets, BESS storage, Lithium-Ion batteries, heavy equipment, Renewables / Wind Turbine Nacelles & Solar Arrays, Elevator control rooms, Marine engine compartments Recreational, Residential use in Garages, Attics, and HVAC rooms. 

Plug n Play installation! A non-pressurized solution for most types of transportation on land and sea!

Renewable Energy       

Elevator control rooms

Wind Turbine
An Elevator Control room

Aerosol Systems for all types of Transportation

Modes of Transportation
lobster boat.jpg
X-Tinguish Model XT-250 Aerosol fire suppression generator.
Model XT250

Our Fire Suppression systems for Transportation are currently installed in thousands of vehicles and watercraft worldwide including recreational, commercial, and private. Many large metropolitan agencies count on our aerosol generators for their vehicle fire safety systems.


We manufacture our own control panels along with specialty wire harnesses, connectors,aerosol generators, and specialty brackets.

X-Tinguish Model XT-250 in an engine compartment

Flame Guard USA is a leader of highly reliable, innovative and efficient condensed aerosol fire suppression for all industries. The product portfolio includes fixed systems, portable extinguishers, heat detectors, and the World-Famous X-Tinguish® X-Treme (The New Generation X-Tinguish® FST).

Flame Guard USA manufactures its X-Tinguish® Brand of products while also offering world class brand name products from manufactures such as Protectowire® & Nanuk® Cases by Plasticase. Discover the difference an X-Tinguish® Brand product can make today!


A worldwide network of distributors and service providers including a supply of spare parts ensures fast and professional onsite support. Flame Guard USA representatives are located strategically in most major global markets. We are opening new distributorships now and are always looking for the right candidates. Located in Rolling Meadows, IL USA, the company maintains distributor locations Worldwide.



Linear Heat Detection

Protectowire – Inventor of linear type heat detectors with the largest activation temperature range on the market – from 57°C to 260°C is available for every Aerosol 
Fire Suppression project. 
Flame Guard USA does not sell Protectowire direct. It must be part of an engineered system
Protectowire product line.
Protectowire logo


Available now!

IFIRE logo

Aerosol Fire Suppression System Activation panels with releasing capability. Web based communications for Worldwide Real-Time Control and Alerting!

  • Automatic and/or Manual triggering

  • 24/7 Fire Protection, Off the Grid

  • Power Over Ethernet  available in the Model FG1300

  • Perfect for remote locations, gensets in shipping containers, trucks and heavy equipment, temporary installations, boats, garages, and other locations where grid connections are not possible.

I-Fire FG1300 Fire Control panel by X-Tinguish
Model FG1300 with web based communications. AC / DC needed
I-Fire FG-1200 Fire Control panel by X-Tinguish
Model FG1200 
Fire release panel with 12V 7aH battery on board.
I-Fire FG-1100 Fire Control panel by X-Tinguish
Model FG1100 
Fire release panel 
Battery powered.

I-FIRE™ Control panels are designed, engineered and tested in our location in Rolling Meadows, IL USA. Only when they pass all preliminary testing are they then assembled at our Third Party manufacturer located right here in Illinois, USA. 


All I-FIRE™ panels are constructed with exceptional UL listed components. I-FIRE™ Cases are designed to IP66 of IEC 529 and NEMA 1, 2, 4, and 4X specifications and UL Listed to UL#E194432. The units foam gasket makes the enclosure ideal for use in a wide range of adverse conditions.The All-plastic design including hinge pins and latches and a molded-in padlocking feature.

All I-FIRE™ Fire Suppression System Activation Panels are totally self-contained and compatible with an array of thermal type detectors. Each panel can activate up to 4(four) X-Tinguish® aerosol generators in series without special modules being added, while state of the art design delivers extended battery life* of up to 10 years! 

The full line of 

Nanuk cases
demo morning.png
X-tinguish X-Treme(Fire Suppression Tool) after use
X-Tinguish X-Treme (Fire Suppression Tool) demonstration team
I-Fire XT-250 Fire Control panel installed
X-Tinguish FST (Fire Suppression Tool) demonstration in Fort Lauderdale, FL
X-Tinguish FST (Fire Suppression Tool) testimonial Marine shot
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